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M & A deals in the global advertising industry

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The joint project of Global Advertising Strategies ( and RBC.research is a study of M & A transactions in the global advertising industry, which is devoted to a detailed analysis of the activities of global advertising and communication holdings in the field of mergers and acquisitions worldwide for the period 2007-2011 yy The activities of the five largest purchasing companies in the global advertising market were studied: WPP, Publicis, Omnicom, IPG, Aegis Group

The study contains an analysis of 350 transactions made by advertising and communications holdings around the world over a specified period. Special attention was paid to the regional structure, as well as the structure of types of businesses of the acquired companies. The study identified and systematized significant differences in the structure of demand in the market for mergers and acquisitions of developed and key emerging markets.

The research report provides data on the most significant factors that guide global holdings when buying agencies, as well as on their development strategies, taking into account changes in the structure of the global advertising market and the impact of new technologies.

Designed for managers and owners of advertising agencies, as well as specialists in investment in the advertising business.

The first part of the proposed report provides an overview of general trends in the field of M & A in the industry, as well as a forecast of the development of M & A activities for 2012 and subsequent years.

The second part contains summary data and key indicators for each of the surveyed holdings with weather systematization of indicators for completed transactions.

The third part is a directory of 150 key acquisitions of global holdings for the period, including available financial data and other transaction conditions.

For ease of use at the beginning of the study are the main conclusions, as well as a brief guide to the used regional and industry classification.

The study was conducted in November-December 2011.

The volume of the report - 143 p.

The report language is Russian.

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