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USA (Analysis) of the television series market in the USA

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The report consists of 5 chapters.
Chapter 1 gives the technological characteristics of the study.
Chapter 2 describes the overall market situation.
In Chapter 3, key market indicators are calculated: volume and growth rates, supply structure, volume and demand structure. The factors affecting the state of the market are listed.
Chapter 4 presents the characteristics of the audience, describes how the demand is formed, and describes the main parameters of the organization of the show.
Chapter 5 shows the profile of the largest market players.
Purpose of the study
Describe the state of the film studio in the United States.
Objectives of the study:
• Describe the state of the film studio in the United States.
• Determine the volume of film studio market
• Describe the main features of the film market.
• Describe the factors, trends and market prospects.
• Identify the main problems of the development of the American film studio market.
• Identify key market players, their market shares and library sizes
• Describe the current activities and plans of the largest players in the US film studio market.
Object of study
American film market.
Data collection method
Monitoring of materials of printed and electronic business and specialized publications, analytical reviews of the market; The Internet; marketing and consulting materials; research results DISCOVERY Research Group.
US Method Data Analysis
Traditional US content (Analysis) documents.
Information base of research:
• Printed and electronic, business and specialized publications.
• Database of the Federal Customs Service of the USA (import and export), FGS USA (production).
• Internet resources.
• Company materials.
• Analytical review articles in the press.
• Research results of marketing and consulting agencies.
• Expert estimates.
• Interviews with manufacturers and other market participants.
• Materials of industry institutions and databases.
• Discovery Research Group databases.
Brief description of the study
Ready USA (Analysis) television series market in the United States. The study contains information on the market volume, growth rates, trends and development prospects and other key indicators.

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