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USA (Analysis) of the Information Technology Market in the USA

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The research report consists of 14 chapters.
Chapter 1 contains information about the technological characteristics of the study.
Chapter 2 outlines the main features of the IT market.
Chapter 3 contains information on the global IT market.
Chapter 4 describes the US IT market in general: its volume, growth rate, segmentation, development forecast, major events, etc. Also, this chapter contains information and activities of the state regarding the regulation of this market.
Chapter 5 is devoted to the development factors of the American IT market.
Chapter 6 is devoted to the main trends and prospects for the development of the American IT market, including a brief description of the state of the labor market in the IT sector, problems of the IT market, information on consolidation in the US market, etc.
Chapter 7 is devoted to describing the situation in the American software market.
Chapter 8 describes the state of the American hardware market.
Chapter 9 is dedicated to the US IT services market. It describes its state, prospects and trends in general, as well as describes such segments as cloud technologies, consulting, outsourcing, system integration, data management, etc.
Chapter 10 provides information on the main consumers in the US IT market: the state, the banking sector, etc.
Chapter 11 describes the largest players in the US IT market, both foreign and domestic.
Chapter 12 is about creating an IT strategy.
Chapter 13 provides information about cybercrime in the United States and the world.
In described the state of the IT market in the regions.
Purpose of the study
To characterize the current state and development prospects of the Information Technology (IT) market in the USA.
Objectives of the study:
1. To determine the volume, growth rate and dynamics of development and the global information technology market in 2011-2013.
2. To determine the volume of growth rates and dynamics of development and the US information technology market in 2011-2013.
3. Create different scenarios for forecasting key indicators of the IT market in the USA and the world.
4. Identify and describe the main segments of the IT market in the United States: software, hardware, IT services.
5. Identify key industries using IT in the United States.
6. Identify key trends and prospects for the development of the IT market in the United States over the next few years.
7. To determine the key factors determining the current state and development of the IT market in the USA and the world.
8. Describe the key elements of government policy that determine the development of IT in the United States.
9. Describe the activities of major players and consumers in the US IT market.
Object of study
Information Technology Market in the USA
Data collection method
Monitoring of materials of printed and electronic business and specialized publications, analytical reviews of the market; The Internet; marketing and consulting materials; research results of DISCOVERY Research Group; expert interviews
Information base of research
1. Databases of the Federal Customs Service of the USA, FGSA of the USA (Rosstat).
2. Materials DataMonitor, EuroMonitor, Eurostat.
3. Printed and electronic business and specialized publications, analytical reviews.
4. Internet resources in the USA and the world.
5. Expert surveys.
6. Materials of participants of the domestic and world markets.
7. The results of research marketing and consulting agencies.
8. Materials of sectoral institutions and databases.
9. Results of price monitoring.
10. Materials and databases of UN statistics (United Nations Statistics Division: Commodity Trade Statistics, Industrial Commodity Statistics, Food and Agriculture Organization, etc.).
11. Materials of the International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund).
12. Materials of the World Bank (World Bank).
13. WTO materials (World Trade Organization).
14. Materials of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).
15. Materials International Trade Center.
16. Materials Index Mundi.
17. Results of the DISCOVERY Research Group.
Sample size and structure
Content USA procedure. Document analysis does not involve the calculation of the volume of the sample. Processing and the USA All documents available to the researcher are subject to analysis.
In June 2014, the DISCOVERY Research Group completed a study of the US information technology (IT) market in the United States.
The American IT market in 2013, according to IDC estimates, reached a figure of $ 33 billion. According to the Ministry of Economic Development, this figure is almost $ 20 billion (635 billion rubles). More than half of the market still accounts for hardware. The market growth rate in dollar currency became negative and amounted to -3%. Sales of PCs and servers dropped the most (by 26–30%). The software grew by 1% (but the expected growth was expected in the region of 5–6%). Services rose 2.7%.
The forecast for 2014 is disappointing - a fall of 14.6%. The greatest fall is expected in the segment of joint-stock companies, the smallest - in the software segment.
The stagnation in the US ICT market is associated both with a reduction in investment in non-financial assets (according to Rosstat, -1%in relation to 2012), and with the completion of large-scale infrastructure projects, which led to a drop in the number and volume of orders for integration with large-scale deliveries of equipment and software. As part of cost optimization, many companies are starting to enter into contracts directly with suppliers, bypassing integrators. NCC companies with revenues of 139.3 billion rubles, LANIT from 77.1 billion rubles and GK Technoserv from 40.2 billion became the leaders of the American IT market in 2013. rubles. NVision Group, IBS, ITG, Softline, CROC, I-Teco and Compulink Group of Companies are also in the top ten of the rating. In June 2014, the DISCOVERY Research Group completed a study of the US information technology (IT) market in the United States. In connection with the foreign policy crisis, the need to create an independent IT industry is being actively discussed in the country. So, in 2013, the new Internet search engine Sputnik from Rostelecom was launched. The creation of a proprietary OS to ensure the security of vital processes and facilities for the country is being actively discussed. The President of the United States announced the need to revive the domestic radio-electronic industry. In the meantime, the domestic IT industry meets the needs of the US market by 25%, almost 100% of equipment is imported, among import software more than 75%, the only almost completely American sector is IT services. At the same time, two thirds (66%) of IT managers in the United States believe that the time gap between what business requires and when IT can provide this is an average of 5 months. Drivers of the development of the American market in 2014 are products and big data, mobile apps, cloud and business intelligence solutions. Another driver for market growth is an increase in the number of investments in the so-called “third platform.” In June 2014, the DISCOVERY Research Group agency completed a study of the US information technology (IT) market in the USA. The results of the world's largest analytical agencies on the volume of the global IT market in 2013 (without taking into account telecommunication services) they agree on one thing: growth slowed down significantly in the market, a similar situation close to stagnation. Gartner estimates the market volume in 2013 at $ 2.022 trillion. However, forecasts remain optimistic for 2014: 4.5% growth. In 2014, huge capital will settle in the cloud storage systems, the smartphone and tablet market will grow by 15%. The fall is waiting for the PC market. Among other global trends: the transition of companies to their own corporate social networks, the rising costs of large databases, the active exploitation of crowdfunding. The global competition of IT giants, which are gradually becoming direct competitors by capturing more and more new market segments, will intensify on the global market. Competition on all fronts may well lead to one or two monopolists remaining on the market. And the key trend of the market in 2013 is the “Internet of Things” (IoT). By 2020, 30 billion inanimate objects will become smart and get their applications controlled through the Internet of Things, which will generate $ 8.9 trillion in revenues. A brief description of the research is Ready for the US (Analysis) of the US information technology market. The study contains information on the market volume, growth rates, trends and development prospects and other key indicators.

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