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Contains information on the scheme • General information and government agencies, US policy and macroeconomics • Media and IT, army and armament, federalism and regions, US education and science • Finance and insurance, banks and exchanges, foreign investments and privatization, taxes and business, banking invoice and legal entity for a foreigner USA • Industry and high technologies, electric power industry and oil and gas industry, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, metallurgy and mining, infrastructure and transport, agro industry and biotechnology • Internet and electronic commerce, loans export and state subsidies to farmers, intellectual property and non-tariff regulation of US imports • Environmental industrial standards and transnational certification, tenders and public procurement, anti-dumping investigations and arbitration • Foreign markets for Rostov regional and prospective niches, debts with foreign countries and transfer them to foreign investment • Diplomatic accompaniment of major transactions and search for subcontractors for the joint production of components, bilateral intergovernmental commissions and investments from the Russian Federation • Funds for sister cities and companies Russia • International exhibitions and business tourism, migration and visa, foreign trade and customs, offshore and free economic zones, WTO and EU, IMF and WB • Trade and investment transactions with Russia and the CIS • Foreign firms and embassies in the Russian Federation representative offices, foreign trade websites, statistics.

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USA Press and Analytics Review (470 documents in database) | Aviaprom, auto industry | Agroprom | Alcohol | Army, Police | Vnesheconomsvyazi, politics | State budget, taxes, prices | Legprom | Migration, Visa, Tourism | Real Estate, Construction | Oil, gas, coal | Education, science | Privatization, investment | Relations with Russia and the CIS | Media and IT | Customs | Transportation | Finance, banks | Ecology | Electric Power | All branches | (new: 150 documents not included in the yearbooks)

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