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HTML5 technology market in the USA.

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Purpose of the study
To characterize the current state and prospects of development of the market in the USA.
Objectives of the study:
The study contains information on all key market indicators:
1. volume, growth rate and market dynamics
2. About various scenarios of forecasting key market indicators in physical and monetary terms
3. about the structure of consumption
4. about the main market segments and key industries
5. about the key trends and prospects for the development of the market in the next few years
6. about the key factors determining the current state and development of the market
7. about market shares of main market participants
8. about the competitive situation on the market
9. about financial and economic activities of market participants
We use a very wide range of sources to search for existing market information. You can read about it below. In addition, we prepare part of the data ourselves. Processing and the USA All materials that became available to us as a result of the search are subject to analysis.
To obtain unique information about the market, we conduct expert interviews with market participants, such as manufacturers, trade missions of foreign companies, distributors and trading companies.
Data collection methods
1. Document monitoring
2. Expert interviews with market participants: manufacturers, sales offices of foreign companies, distributors and trading companies.
Sources of information
1. Databases of the Federal Customs Service of the USA, FGSA of the USA (Rosstat).
2. Materials DataMonitor, EuroMonitor, Eurostat.
3. Printed and electronic business and specialized publications, analytical reviews.
4. Internet resources in the USA and the world.
5. Expert surveys.
6. Materials of participants of the domestic and world markets.
7. The results of research marketing and consulting agencies.
8. Materials of sectoral institutions and databases.
9. Materials and databases of UN statistics (United Nations Statistics Division: Commodity Trade Statistics, Industrial Commodity Statistics, Food and Agriculture Organization, etc.).
10. Materials of the International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund).
11. Materials of the World Bank (World Bank).
12. WTO materials (World Trade Organization).
13. Materials of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).
14. Materials International Trade Center.
15. Materials Index Mundi.
16. Results of the DISCOVERY Research Group.
Brief description of the study
The main purpose of this study is to familiarize market participants - manufacturers, importers, distributors, customers, all interested parties - with the current market situation, events of past periods and future forecasts.

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