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USA (Analysis) of the mobile content market in the USA

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To date, there are about 170 providers in the United States that provide more than 1,000 names of services operating in the networks of MTS, VimpelCom, Megafon, SMARTS and Skylink.
These are mostly random players who do not have a long history of presence in the market, for whom value-added services, as a rule, represent a non-core business. Most of them are able to provide only one service. Also a very numerous group of players providing from 2 to 5 services. Such persons, as a rule, pay equal attention to both the quality and diversity of their products, and can be considered the most stable group of market players. In addition, they are often focused on work in a particular segment of the VAS market, and the specification of work in a segment depends primarily on the type of service provided, rather than on the priority of service mechanics.
Most services are based on the SMS short message service. These are information and reference and entertainment services (primarily java-games), multimedia content services (a tendency to its “weighting” is noticeable recently) and quizzes, the latter constituting a significant proportion of media-integrated projects, which, in turn, have , insignificant volume in the total mass of VAS.
The largest share presence of providers is found in the networks of MegaFon (38%) and MTS (28%). Note that more than half of all providers with a single service (58%) account for Megaphone. The distribution of value-added services by operators is approximately the same, the largest number of them among the Big Three operators is represented in the Megafon network, the least announced in the Beeline network. According to the study, the majority of proposals from the category of mobile communication - chat rooms (26%), mobile dating services (36%) and forums (43%) - and multimedia services (50%) fall on Megaphone, a significant proportion of erotic services (56%) and multiplayer games (38%) are represented on the MTS network.
Megaphone also has a significant share of services based on WAP technology and Java-based content, as well as the largest share of media-integrated projects in all types of media, including television (37%) and radio (36%), slightly yielding MTS in print Interactive (24% vs. 26%).
Assessing the situation in the American VAS wireless communication market as a whole, one can say that, despite the growth in the supply of new services and the transition to 2.5 and 3G communication standards, market development is largely hampered by the absence of legislative mechanisms for its regulation.
Purpose of the study
Describe the state of the US mobile content market.
Objectives of the study:
1. To give a general description of the US mobile content market.
2. To highlight the current state of the proposals in the American market of value added services (VAS)
3. Identify key services offered using the "short number" service. Describe the distribution of the various types of services offered by this service.
4. Identify the most sustainable segments of the American VAS market
5. Determine the compliance of these segments with the technologies used and other indicators.
6. To give a general picture of the composition of the players of the American VAS market, to determine their various categories and occupied market shares
7. Determine the composition and nature of services depending on the type of provider.
8. Identify the most influential players in the VAS market, describe the specifics of their work.
9. To give a general description of the presence of VAS in the networks of leading American operators
10. Determine the composition and nature of services, depending on the network of each of the leading operators in which they are provided.
11. Determine the nature of the presence of services of various providers in the networks of each of the leading operators.
12. Describe the features of pricing in the market depending on the type of service, technology used, operator’s network, provider category and other parameters.
13. To characterize the presence of interactive and media integrated services in the US VAS market.
Data collection method
Monitoring of mobile content on the Internet.
Monitoring of materials of printed and electronic business and specialized publications, analytical reviews of the market; The Internet; marketing and consulting materials; research results DISCOVERY Research Group.
US Method Data Analysis
Statistical USA (Analysis) mobile content resources.
Traditional US content (Analysis) documents.
Information base of research:
1. Printed and electronic, business and specialized publications.
2. Internet resources.
3. Company materials.
4. Analytical review articles in the press.
5. The results of research marketing and consulting agencies.
6. Expert estimates.
7. Interviews with manufacturers and other market participants.
8. Materials of sectoral institutions and databases.
9. Database Discovery Research Group.
The report contains 3 tables and 92 diagrams:
Brief description of the study
Ready marketing research amaRican mobile content market. The report contains information on the market volume, growth rates, trends and development prospects and other key indicators.

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