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Marketing research - Real estate markets (buildings, structures, apartments, land) - Investment attractiveness market, real estate abroad, real estate abroad, suburban real estate market, elite real estate - Miami (Florida state. USA)

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Full report description This report is a marketing analysis of Miami Downtown real estate offers in Russia.

The subject of research is the residential and commercial real estate markets of Miami Downtown. This region represents the local research market.

The object of study is a unit of residential or commercial real estate in Miami Downtown, offered for sale by companies represented on the Russian market.

The study revealed the peculiarities of the offer of real estate Miami Downtown in Russia.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks were performed:
• An analysis of the supply of real estate within the boundaries of the local market;
• Analyzed various aspects of investment related to the acquisition of real estate in Miami Downtown: risks, legal features of transactions, features of the tax legislation of the regions under consideration;
• An analysis of the demand for overseas property was conducted, a portrait of a potential consumer was formed;
• A quantitative assessment of the market capacity is given and prospects for its development are described.

For the study were used various methods. In the course of desk research from open sources, the collection of secondary information necessary for the analysis of market supply was carried out. The sources used are: databases of real estate operators in Russia, printed and electronic media, analytical articles and reviews about the real estate market, statistical data.

During interviews with representatives of Century 21 Prime Time Realty, information obtained from open sources was supplemented and updated. Appealing for comments to the company's experts allowed us to use the most relevant information about the state of the market in question, as well as about the consumer preferences of the Russians.

A feature of the local market is the lack of supply - the objects offered to Russians are located in the popular suburbs of the city, but not in Miami itself.

This study may be interesting and useful for companies engaged in or planning to provide real estate acquisition services in Miami Downtown in Russia, as well as development and construction companies that are going to develop their business in this region.
Detailed Table of Contents I Introduction

1. The object and subject of study

2. Goals and objectives of the study

II Relevant information on the market under investigation

1. General Market Information

2. Economic situation

3. Features of investing in real estate

III. Demand analysis

1. Groups of potential buyers

2. Motives for acquiring real estate

3. Shopping preferences

o Consumer preferences by type of property

o Consumer preferences regarding the format and area of ​​residential real estate

o Consumer preferences for real estate value

4. Formats of the acquisition of foreign real estate

Iv. Evaluation of market capacity and its development prospects
Applications Diagram 1. The main groups of overseas property buyers,%

Diagram 2. Motives for the acquisition by Russians of foreign real estate,%

Diagram 3. The motives for the Russians to acquire real estate in Miami,%

Diagram 4. Consumer preferences by type of real estate,%

Diagram 5. Consumer preferences regarding the format of real estate in Miami,%

Diagram 6. Consumer preferences by area of ​​real estate in Miami

Table 1. Rating of US cities with the least affordable housing

Table 2. The minimum cost of 1 square. m., for March 2008, by formats, $

Table 3. Typical Florida Loan Terms

Figure 1. Geographical map of South Florida and neighboring regions

Figure 2. The boundaries of the city of Miami (Downtown)

Figure 3. Inflation rate in the USA, 1990-2006,%

Figure 4. The real change in the value of houses, 1991-2007,% per year

Figure 5. Political and Economic Risks for the United States, 2007

Figure 6. Political and economic risks for the USA, 2008

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