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Atlas of the world tea market in 2012-2016, forecast for 2017-2021

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BusinesStat presents the Atlas of the World Tea Market in 2012-2016, the forecast for 2017-2021. This atlas in the form of maps presents the most important data necessary for understanding the current market situation and assessing the prospects for its development:

General assessment of the current economic situation in the world

Tea sales

Population, purchase per capita

The volume of foreign and domestic trade of tea

Volume of production, import and export

Price of import, export of tea

Cartographic information is more visual than table information and is better suited for presentations. The map allows you to see information in the spatial dimension, to more clearly assess the prospects for territorial business development.

Atlas information is synchronized in data structure with other BusinesStat products, including market analysis.

The Atlas presents the leading countries of the world tea market.

Also represented are groups of countries.

Along with the atlases of the Russian market, BusinesStat offers separate atlases for the CIS, EU, and Russian Federation with detailing by regions of the country, by major cities of Russia with detailing by areas of the city.

The map atlas is presented in PDF format, which allows the use of maps in presentations.

Along with ready-made atlases, BusinesStst offers clients geoproducts of higher complexity, with the installation of access to a geo-application that includes all territorial information in the form of an MS Excel file tied to a cartographic basis. This data bundle allows users to independently build any maps with regional information. BusinesStat profile specialists advise clients on the use of geo-applications.

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