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Analysis of the global polyethylene market in 2013-2017, the forecast for 2018-2022

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From 2013 to 2017, sales of polyethylene in the world increased by 19.1%: from 66.7 to 79.5 million tons. An annual growth was observed in comparison with previous years. The largest increase was recorded in 2016 - by 5.8%.

Until recently, the major players in the world polymer market were major chemical corporations in developed countries. But in recent years, manufacturers from Asia and the Middle East have entered the market, Latin American companies have announced themselves. Market experts explain the increased competition by the fact that there is a surplus of products in the markets of Western Europe and the USA, and in most developing countries demand exceeds supply. In addition, Western companies restructured to produce higher quality polymers, specialized blends and alloys, compositions, and thus allowed competitors to occupy a niche for the production of traditional products. The Asia-Pacific region, which has the largest production facilities, is playing an increasingly important role in the global market. The countries of the region consume more than half of world production (China alone accounts for almost one third of world consumption).

According to BusinesStat, in 2018-2022, sales of polyethylene in the world will continue to grow at an average of 3.7% per year. In 2022 they will reach 95.2 million tons, which will exceed the value of 2017 by 19.8%. The main drivers of market growth are the growth in demand for packaging materials and household goods; increase customer service. In addition, according to market experts, a promising and fast-growing trend in the consumption of polyethylene is the production of PE-pipes, which is associated with the advantages of polyethylene pipes over metal.

"Analysis of the global polyethylene market in 2013-2017, forecast for 2018-2022" includes the most important data necessary to understand the current global market conditions and assess the prospects for its development:

Economy and population

Polyethylene production

Polyethylene sales

External and internal trade in polyethylene

Import and export of polyethylene

Polyethylene foreign trade prices

The review provides current data for more than 100 countries of the world and a forecast for the 25 leading countries of the world polyethylene market.

Leading countries: Belgium, Brazil, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, India, Iran, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, France , South Korea, Japan.

The review details information on the types of polyethylene:

Polyethylene with a specific gravity of less than 0.94, in primary forms

Polyethylene with a specific gravity of 0.94 or more, in primary forms

In preparing the review used statistical information:

United Nations Statistics Division


National Agencies and Compendia

Index Mundi

International Trade Center

International Monetary Fund

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

World Trade Organization

Along with the official statistics, the review contains the results of BusinesStat research:

Analysis of open polyethylene market information

A survey of chemical industry experts

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