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The market for carbon fibers (carbon) and carbon fiber. Domestic and global trends. Evaluation and forecast until 2021.

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The carbon fiber market, or carbon fiber as they are called, is at an early stage of its development in Russia. The number of domestic enterprises is small. However, the prospect of the material is extremely attractive.

High entry barriers, primarily financial, restrain growth. At the same time, in the coming years we can observe the emergence of enterprises producing carbon plastics, which will stimulate an increase in the production capacity of factories producing carbon fibers.

In the world, there is a shortage of carbon fiber supply. In this regard, the world's leading players are expanding the number of their production sites and are constantly monitoring both existing and potential sales markets.

The study presents data from the world supply and demand. The trends of the Russian carbon fiber market are analyzed separately. An assessment of individual sectors of the economy, whose producers are consumers of carbon. Presented forecast values ​​and promising domestic projects that can stimulate growth in demand for carbon fiber.

The study contains 29 charts.

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