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World and Russian pork market - 2017

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Marketing research of the pork market contains a comprehensive analysis of the global and Russian pork market (dynamics over 9 years, the results of 2016, as well as a forecast for the full 2017).

The report presents the latest data on the volume and structure of the global pork market, the dynamics and geography of world imports and exports, pork consumption per capita by country, as well as indicators of the pig industry and the forecast for 2017.

Analysis of the Russian pork market is an analysis of the pig industry by federal districts and regions of the Russian Federation, including data on the dynamics of livestock, productivity, production of pork in live, slaughter and fresh-weight. The report highlights the leading producers of pork and their market share.

A specific feature of this marketing research of the pork market is a detailed analysis of the imports of pork to Russia, which includes not only the analysis of imports of various types of pork meat, but also the import of live pigs and pork fat.

The study contains a forecast of the development of the Russian pig industry until 2020.


Analysis of the global pork market in general and across the world:

the development of the global pig industry: the number of pigs, sow productivity, slaughter, mortality, meat productivity of pigs.

pork slaughter production;

pork world trade;

world consumption of pork in kind and per capita;

forecast of the development of the world pork market.

Analysis of the Russian livestock industry.

Analysis of the Russian pig industry.

Analysis of Russian pork production:

pork production dynamics;

geographical structure of pork production;

the dynamics of pork production at the largest enterprises and their market share.

Rate imports of pork in the following segments:

import of pork: other frozen pork, frozen pork carcasses and half carcasses, pork hams, shoulder blades and cuts from them, bone in, frozen, other pork, fresh or chilled.

import of live pigs;

import of pork bacon.

Analyze the prices of pig products:

prices of agricultural producers for pork;

prices of industrial producers of food products for pork;

retail prices for pork, including analysis of the structure of the retail price;

import pork prices.

Determine the balance of the Russian pork market:

market volume;

share of imported products on the market.

To assess the consumption of pork in Russia:

total pork consumption in Russia;

pork consumption by households.

Present the forecast of the development of the Russian pork market.


As of the end of 2016, the number of pigs in the world was *** thousand heads. During the year, livestock decreased by ***%.

The productivity of pigs per head is *** kg, which is *** kg more than the productivity of cattle per head. At the same time, there is a gradual trend towards an annual increase in productivity, which, however, did not continue in 2016.

By the end of 2016, pork production in live weight increased by ***% compared to the previous year and amounted to *** thousand tons.

At the end of 2016, the volume of pork imports in slaughter weight amounted to *** thousand tons. As compared with the previous year, the volume of imports of pork in physical terms decreased by ***%.

At the end of 2016, the volume of the pork market in Russia amounted to *** ths tons. The growth of the market in real terms for the year amounted to ***%.

The share of imported products in the pork market is gradually decreasing. In 2016, this figure fell to ***%.

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