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Market research of flexible LED screens 2013-2016., Russia and the world

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The project provides for a study of the market of flexible LED screens. The aim of the project is to identify commodity niches in the market of flexible LED LED screens, examined the structure of the market, analyzed consumer preferences, assessed the industry, and analyzed market conditions.

The purpose of the marketing research is a highly specialized analysis of the flexible LED market for LED screens.

Excerpts from the text:

... Flexible LED screens are a modern and effective way to demonstrate high-quality video broadcasting for concert halls, restaurant complexes, trading houses or sports facilities ...

... As a result of increasing competition, prices for these products began to decline, expanding the circle of potential buyers. ...

... Considering that the cost of producing flexible LED screens is quite high, requiring significant investments and qualified personnel both during production and installation, installation, maintenance, significant savings are achieved in ...

... Depending on the type of information transmitted, the LED display may be:

- monochrome ...

... the second limiting parameter is the viewing distance; The minimum viewing distance, expressed in meters, at which the image looks satisfactory, is in the first approximation equal to the pixel pitch, expressed in mm. ...

... The decrease in imports of finished screens is due to the increase in the production of LED-screens of its own production when ...

... Among the notable trends and innovations in 2016 are new content strategies in advertising using digital signs, the arrival of digital signs in corporate communications systems ...

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