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World and Russian Chipboard Market - 2016

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A global study of the world and Russian chipboard market, conducted by GLOBAL REACH CONSULTING, contains a comprehensive analysis of the chipboard market in Russia and the world over the past 10 years, preliminary results for 2016, and a forecast until 2018.

All market parameters (production, import / export, consumption) are presented in cubic meters.

The study contains data on the main players of the market: Russian chipboard manufacturers, foreign manufacturing companies represented on the Russian market, importing companies, Russian producers supplying products for export, companies purchasing Russian particle boards abroad.

Research objectives

To analyze the state and trends of the global markets for wood-based panels in the context of:

World production of wood-based panels;

World import / export of wood-based panels;

World consumption of wood-based panels.

To study the raw material base of the Russian forest industry:

Forest Fund of Russia;

The stock of wood in the forests.

To consider the production of chipboard in Russia:

The main parameters of the industry:

 Volume of production;

 Production geography;

Manufacturer's revenue from sales of manufactured products;

Return on sales;

Investments in the production of chipboard.

Production of particleboard by types of plates.

Present the rating of chipboard manufacturers in terms of production and capacity, as well as the rating of chipboard and plywood manufacturers in terms of sales revenue.

Analyze the average producer prices for chipboard.

Rate Chipboard Import:

In dynamics over the past 10 years;

By country of origin of products;

By manufacturers of imported products;

According to recipient companies in Russia.

To characterize the Russian exports of chipboard:

In dynamics over the past 10 years;

By destination countries;

For manufacturers of exported products;

For recipient companies abroad.

Calculate the balance of the chipboard market based on data on production, import and export of products.

Present a forecast for the development of the timber industry complex for 2016-2018.

Present profiles of the largest chipboard manufacturers:

Egger Group

Group Kronospan

Ikea Industry Novgorod


Profiles contain general characteristics and details of companies, the range of products, financial statements.

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