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World and Russian Egg Market - 2017

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Marketing research of the egg market is a comprehensive analysis of the global and Russian egg market (dynamics, results of 2016, development trends of the Russian egg market and forecast for 2017-2019).

The report presents the latest data on the volume and structure of the world egg market, the dynamics and geography of world imports and exports.

Analysis of the Russian egg market presents an analysis of sales, production, as well as data on the import and export of eggs. The report presents the calculation of the balance of the egg market and its use. A separate chapter presents the consumption of eggs, including the population.

The main focus in the marketing research of eggs market is on chicken eggs.


Analysis of the world egg market:

world egg production;

world egg imports;

world export of eggs.

Analysis of the Russian branch of breeding hens;

Analysis of Russian egg production:

production dynamics;

the structure of egg production by categories of farms;

egg production geography;

The largest egg producers in the country.

Rate egg imports:

general dynamics of import in value and in kind;

eggs import geography.

Determine the export of eggs:

general dynamics of egg exports;

The main countries are export partners for eggs.

Determine the balance of the egg market:

Formation of egg market resources;

Use of egg market resources.

Analyze the consumption of eggs;

Examine the price of an egg (consumer prices, producer prices).


By 2019, the volume of world production of eggs can reach *** billion pieces.

At the end of 2016, the volume of egg production in Russia amounted to *** million pieces.

The largest enterprise for the production of eggs in Russia is *** (*** region). Its share in the total production for 2016 is ***%, and the volume of production is estimated at *** million eggs - minus ***%.

In 2015, Russian imports of eggs in physical terms decreased by ***%, and by the end of 2016, another ***%, amounting to *** million pieces.

The main supplier of eggs to the Russian market is ***. At the end of 2016, its share in the total volume of Russian egg imports amounted to ***%.

In 2016, growth continued (+ ***%) and the volume of apparent consumption of eggs amounted to *** mln. Pcs. eggs

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