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World and Russian Milk and Dairy Products Market - 2017

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The ninth updated version of the marketing research of the market for milk and dairy products contains a comprehensive analysis of the global and Russian market of milk and dairy products in the context of its main segments.

The report presents data on the volume and structure of the world market for milk and dairy products, the dynamics and geography of world imports and exports, the forecast for the development of the world dairy market until 2023. The study takes into account data on trade volumes within the Customs Union.

The study examines the production of dairy products, the raw material base of the dairy industry of the Russian Federation, the profiles of the largest producers in the dairy products market, and the analysis of exports and imports of major products. In addition, the prices for dairy products and the level of consumption of various types of milk are analyzed in detail, consumer preferences are investigated. All data are presented in dynamics and with the results of 2016.

A study of the market for milk and dairy products contains a forecast of the development of the dairy industry in Russia until 2019.


Consider the global dairy market:

World production;

World consumption;

World prices;

World exports;

World imports;

Provide a forecast of the development of the global market for dairy products until 2023.

Evaluate the raw material base of the dairy industry.

To characterize the dairy market:

consider the main parameters of the Russian dairy products market;

identify trends in the development of the dairy market;

identify the main players in the dairy market, consider the brand portfolio of leading companies.

To analyze the production of dairy products in general and in the context of the following segments:

whole milk products;

processed liquid milk;


milk and cream in solid forms;

butter and butter pastes;

cheese and curd;

condensed milk products;

dairy products;

ice cream and frozen desserts.

Rate imports of dairy products, including by major types of dairy products:

import of cheese and cottage cheese;

import of butter and dairy pastes;

import of whey and other products from natural milk components;

import of buttermilk, kefir, yoghurt and other fermented products from milk and cream;

import of condensed cream and milk;

import of non-condensed cream and milk.

To determine the structure of exports of dairy products, to characterize the main groups:

Export of buttermilk, yogurt and other dairy products;

Export of condensed milk and cream;

Export of cheese and cottage cheese;

Exports of milk and non-condensed cream;

Export of butter and dairy pastes.

Analyze the consumption of milk and dairy products.

To study the prices of dairy products (consumer prices, prices of producers of dairy products).

Create profiles of the largest manufacturers in the dairy market.


The total volume of production of milk and dairy products in the world at the end of 2016 is estimated at *** million tons. In relation to the indicator of the previous 2015 - this is more by ***%.

In 2016, the total consumption of milk and dairy products, excluding soy drinks and milk substitutes, increased by ***% to *** million liters.

Regarding the structure of milk production in the context of federal districts, it should be noted that the leader in milk production in the Russian Federation is *** FD, ***% of this product is produced here. At the end of 2016, *** thousand tons of milk was produced here.

The Russian market of dairy products in 2016 declined relative to the previous year. The volume of the Russian market of dairy products, in terms of milk, amounted to *** million tons.

The leader in the production of whole-milk products is *** FO, which produces ***% of the total production. It is followed by *** federal district with a share of ***%.

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