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Brief description of the report Subject of research - cement producers in the market of China.
Full report description Purpose: To describe the state of the cement market in China. Analyze the TOP-20 cement manufacturers in China.
Object of study: Chinese cement market.
Main sources of information: China Cement Manufacturers Association; National Bureau of Statistics of China, State Customs Administration of China, business and specialized publications, analytical market reviews; research results Optim Consult.
Analysis methods: traditional content analysis, expert survey.

The main focus of the study is on the analysis of market trends, prices for cement, as well as checking enterprises for respectability. The following items were assessed for each plant:

- availability of constituent documents;
- availability of registration certificate;
- analysis of data on the payment of taxes for the period;
- data collection from import-export companies with which the supplying plant cooperates;
- requests to regional chambers of commerce for problems / complaints during the reporting period;
- assessment of the level of latency of financial flows at the plant;
- analysis of the manufacturer's assessment by an authorized person from the Association of Cement Manufacturers of China.

The study highlights the practical issues of cement supplies from China:
- TOP-20 of cement production plants presented;
- current prices for major brands of cement in April 2008;
- necessary export documentation;
- considered the main difficulties when working with Chinese manufacturers.

This study will allow customers to get all the necessary information about the current state of the cement market in China, to follow the development trends of the industry, to analyze the existing difficulties when working with China and, guided by this, to keep a strategically correct guideline when working with Chinese partners.

Cement is one of the most sought-after building materials in China and today nothing can replace it. In the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the cement industry plays a key role. Over the past years, indicators of this industry have shown steady growth. However, in parallel with this, the tension between the demand and supply of cement on the market increases.
Since 1985, China has been ranked first in the world in terms of cement production, and its share in the global production of this building material is almost 50%. The volume of domestic production of the cement industry is showing stable growth. This is not hampered even by government policy aimed at optimizing costs and updating the production base of the industry as a whole.
In 2007, cement production in China exceeded 1.35 billion tons. For the analyzed period from 2005 to 2007, the growth rate of production in the industry amounted to 126.57%.
In addition, experts of the Association of Cement Manufacturers point out that, despite all government measures that resulted in the closure of many small-scale industries, the volume of cement production will grow. This is due not only to the growing demand, but also to the development of new production technologies, a significant improvement in the industrial and technological base of the industry over the past 5 years.
Detailed table of contents:
1. Research Methodology
2. The main characteristics of cement
3. Analysis of the cement market of China in 2005-2007.
4. Geographical structure of cement production in China
5. Analysis of prices for major cement brands in China in 2007
6. Import-export analysis of cement supplies by China
7. Investment attractiveness of the market
8. The main problems in working with China
Applications Applications:
1. Questionnaires of cement manufacturers in China (TOP-20)
2. Price lists for products of submitted manufacturers (data for April 2008)
3. The package of documentation required for the export of cement from China

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