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Marketing research - Markets for the production, sale of building products and equipment - Market for fasteners, hardware, fasteners, mini factories market, foreign trade - China

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Short report description Subject of research - fasteners manufacturers in the PRC market.
Full report description Purpose: A study of manufacturers of hardware products, working for export to Russia and CIS countries. Drawing up a profile of a reliable manufacturer of hardware products in the PRC. Determination of job prospects in Chinese suppliers of hardware for the medium term. Development of recommendations for companies working with manufacturers of China. Database of 25 manufacturers.
Object of study: Chinese market of fasteners manufacturers.
The main sources of information: research results Optim Consult.
Analysis methods: collection of primary information, observation, expert survey.

The main focus of the study is on analyzing trends in the fastener industry, as well as characterizing fastener manufacturers in China and their export work with Russia and the CIS countries. The study provides key recommendations and suggestions for companies working with Chinese fastener manufacturers to optimize transportation schemes for China, including consolidation, as well as ways to solve complex issues in working with Chinese manufacturers.

This study will allow specialists to get an idea of ​​the state of the fastener industry in China. The information presented in this marketing study will serve as a basis for properly planning the activities of companies that have decided to start working with Chinese manufacturers, and will be an important step in optimizing work processes for already operating companies. The information presented in the study will also contribute to making more informed decisions when planning business processes, developing the company and forming competitive advantages.
Detailed table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. General characteristics of the study
2.1. Purpose of the study
2.2. Research objectives
2.3. Research methods and tools
2.4. Information base of research
3. General condition, structure and development trends of the fixing products market in the PRC
3.1. Situation in the commodity markets
3.2. Technical and technological equipment of enterprise-producers of fasteners
3.3. The level of development of transport support for export operations
3.4. Labor resources. Efficiency of use.
3.5. The influence of other factors on working with suppliers of China
4. Profile of manufacturers of fasteners in China
4.1. The main producers of China, working with companies in Russia and CIS countries
4.2. Analysis of export distribution of fixing products by factories in mainland China
4.3. Dynamics of fasteners export from 2005 to 2007
5. The main recommendations and suggestions for companies working with Chinese manufacturers of fasteners
5.1. Optimization of transport schemes for China, including consolidation.
5.2. Ways to solve difficult issues in working with manufacturers in China
Applications Applications:
Questionnaires of manufacturers of fasteners in the PRC (25)

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