POS – material functions:

Localization - an indication of the outlet where you can find a specific product.
Information - confirmation of the presence of goods in this outlet.
Communicative function - the message information about the product at the test level and at the level of images.
Orientation - assistance to the buyer in finding a product among others at the point of sale.
Motivation - encouraging consumers to make a purchase.
Exposure of the goods (demonstration) - attracting additional attention to the product due to the allocation of its display.
Classification of POS-materials in trade marketing

 Number Type Purpose Example
1 Localizers of retail
To indicate the location of the point of sale

Front signs, extensions, signs,
shields 3x6, city format, light constructions
2 magnets
To draw attention to the point of sale, distinguishing it among other points

Sidewalk and display dolls, remote pillars, canopies, awnings, umbrellas, inflatable structures, three-dimensional logos, stickers on glass (window-stickers)

3 Departmental signs
To indicate the presence of departments in the sales area

Light boxes with the designation of departments, icons, console flags, neon scoreboards, mobiles, floor graphics, floor displays, pillars

4 Category and product localizers
Promote attention to the display of goods

Podiums, racks, showcases, display showcases with illuminated special counters, jumbi - volumetric dummies of packages, exhibition stands, shippers

5 Informers
Report on the consumer properties of the product, on how to use it

"Hard" posters, posters, dispensers with leaflets
6 Motivators
Confirm the presence of the goods and pay attention to the goods

Labels, labels and plates with names and prices, wobblers, shelf-tokery, stickers, banners, garlands of flags

7 Propagandists
Image brand materials

Pockets, supports for booklets, leaflets, brochures, business cards, phones, information frames-modules in the form of books

8 Communicators
Represent the possibility of unresolved contact with the product.

Testers, samples, tasting racks
9 Personal identifiers Identifying the Beiji sales personnel with the name and position, branded clothing of promoters
10 Demonstrators Represent the opportunity to get acquainted with the range of products, the principle of operation of a complex product.
Sample open counters, brackets, hook plates, demonstrator testers, dem samples, rotating stands

11 Wearable advertising Products for transporting purchases Baskets, bags, packages
12 Servicing Auxiliary trade equipment and facilities Decorated check boxes, coin boxes, litter bins, discarded adhesive tape, packaging products