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Bahrain Fuel and Energy Complex: Analytical Note

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Not infrequently, the analysis of world experience is the starting point for making decisions about the start of project implementation. It is important to understand the picture of the world and the conditions in which you will be set when interacting with foreign actors or when realizing your interests in the territory of another state.

For this, LARIUM Consulting offers the most optimal format - Analytical note:

not too superficial as Reviews, which only collect background information and statistical material [and we understand that complex statistical research is a separate serious work]

not too deep as Reports, which are advisable to write for a specific task and in terms of disclosing the interests of the Customer

SUMMARY ON ANALYTICAL REPORT (Bahrain Fuel and Energy Complex)

The successful economic growth of Bahrain (one of the highest rates of economic growth among the countries of the Middle East) is the result of a targeted and well-thought-out state policy in the field of fuel and energy. Bahrain promptly assessed the risks of exhaustion of energy resources (oil and gas) and directed all its resources to the sustainable progressive development of the manufacturing industry: oil refining, petrochemistry, the aluminum industry, etc. Bahrain is implementing a number of large energy projects, in particular, the construction of a new gas processing plant and an LNG terminal, and the laying of a new oil pipeline between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the strategic position in the center of the Persian Gulf provides the country of development as the financial center of oil-exporting countries.

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