Variants of marketing research

The choice of a marketing research option depends on the goals and objectives of a particular company: Market research in general. The study of consumer behavior. The study of the goods. The study of the competitive environment. Research vendors and partners. Research price. Research channels and methods of sales promotion. Sales research and retail audit. The study of advertising. Consider reviewing some types and methods of marketing research. Market research is the most common type of research, because without it, it is impossible to systematically collect, analyze and compare the information necessary for making decisions related to the company's activities in the market. The objects of research in this case are the market development processes and their trends, structure and geography, capacity, sales and consumption dynamics, domestic production, export and import operations, market barriers, competition, conditions, opportunities and risks. As a result of the research, it becomes possible to determine effective ways of competing and entering new markets, as well as segmentation - the choice of market niches and target markets for a particular company. Consumer research is a key type of research that allows to determine the whole complex of factors that consumers are guided by when choosing a product. The objects of research can be both individual consumers, families, households (B2C), and organizations (B2B). The study analyzes the motivation of consumer behavior, the provision of goods, processes and conditions for satisfying consumer needs. The purpose of the consumer market research is segmentation of consumers, the possibility of forming an offer for each segment that maximally satisfies the consumer, which ultimately can not but affect the growth in sales.