Marketing research is one of the useful tools for assessing the ratio of supply and demand.

Based on marketing research, a company can make management decisions, increase profits, and reduce the risk of loss. Read more ... Marketing research can be recommended: to assess the effectiveness of activities; to solve problems. More information about the study ... The object of marketing research can be: product; the market as a whole; are alternative, competitors; advertising. Order marketing research ... For marketing research, it is better to use the services of a third-party organization in order to eliminate the personal interest and subjectivity of specialists. Where can I order a study? Production marketing strategy of the company is an opportunity to improve the quality of sales and minimize possible risks. Read more ... Marketing research began in 1879 in the United States, when advertising agency NY Ayer & Son conducted a survey of agricultural officials. In 1911, the Curtis Publishing Company founded the first marketing department in the world, and from 1916, the Eastman Research Bureau began its operations, whose primary customers were Cosmopolitan magazines and General Electric. Marketing research is a kind of sociological research focused on studying existing situations, desires, preferences and behavior of consumers and other market players. It consists of systems for searching, collecting and analyzing information in order to make the right management decisions in the field of production and marketing of the company's products. All these marketing studies are conducted in accordance with the available strategies and tactics. In essence, research is based not only on establishing the truth, but also on reducing the level of uncertainty in existing situations, especially with a long-term forecast. The company is able to reduce business risks and possible losses. Especially demand for such research arises where the market is surplus, and the advantage is not with the seller, but with the buyer. In the course of marketing research, several groups of tasks are solved at once: research: collecting, filtering and sorting information for further study; descriptive: identifying the essence of the problem, structuring it and identifying all the factors involved; casual: problems identified; test: approbation of the found ways or solutions of solutions of a marketing problem; predictive: prediction of the future market situation. Note The global market for market research is growing rapidly. According to the European Society of Marketing Marketing Researchers (ESOMAR), in the last 20 years of the last century alone, it has grown almost 150 times. This growth continues today. In 2014, the market increased by 26% compared with 2010, reaching $ 43 billion [1].